Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wake up those geraniums

If you're one of those industrious gardeners who salvaged your geraniums from the garden, now's the time to wake them up in preparation for moving the plants outdoors.  You'll need roughly two months to stabilize the plant before planting the geranium back into the garden.

Find a bucket and fill it with cool water.  Pull the dry geranium out of its storage bag or off the ceiling hook.  Soak the plant for 30 minutes in the bucket of water. Submerge the whole plant.  Shake excess water from the plant and move to your potting station.

Fill a clean pot with fresh potting soil.  (See this link for how to clean plant pots).  Set the geranium into the soil and firm lightly with your fingers.  Water the plant thoroughly and place the pot in a location featuring bright light.  Don't move the plent into the sun until about 2 to 3 weeks before planned transplant outdoors. 

Give the plant a small amount of water-soluble fertilizer every 2 weeks.  Keep the soil evenly moisture with regular watering.  If you can't feel moisture when you press your finger into the soil, the plant needs water.

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